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Candidasa Bali: The Hidden Paradise in Bali and What You Can Do

Candidasa Bali, Candidasa Bali: The Hidden Paradise in Bali and What You Can Do

Want a relaxing vacation in Bali with tranquil vibes? Or do you wish to escape the “typical” popular tourist attractions like Kuta and Seminyak? We’ll tell you about a hidden vacation spot called Candidasa.

Candidasa Bali could be the place for you if you are bored of the rush and bustle. In this location, you can still discover Bali’s beauty. Fun activities are offered, such as exquisite dining excursions and breathtaking sunset views. Are you intrigued by the remarkable things that await you in Candidasa? Let’s begin by reading our following tips!

Get to Know The Beautiful Candidasa Bali

Candidasa is located in southeast Bali, about sixty kilometres from Denpasar. It may be accessed by driving around two hours from Kuta or one hour from Sanur. Nyuhtebel Village, Manggis District, Karangasem, is the precise site.

According to its history, Candidasa is known as Teluk Kehey (Bay of Fire) or Cilidasa. The name Cilidasa means “ten children” in Balinese. It has a connection with a temple that can be seen near the lagoon. At the temple is a statue of the fertility goddess Hariti encircled by a group of children. Its current name (Candidasa) is a variant of its prior name.

Candidasa rose to prominence in the 1970s. This place has excellent tourist snorkelling and diving spots because three islands are close to Candidasa: Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang, and Gili Biaha. But diving is one of many things to do in Candidasa, as we’ll see later.

The Best Activities to Do in Candidasa Bali

Kuta, or Seminyak, as stated, is a world of nightclubs and hectic activity. So Candidasa may be characterized as an excellent area to stop. However, being calm isn’t a prerequisite for having fun because heaven always looks for ways to make you happy!

The beach in Candidasa, Bali, will be our very first stop. The ideal time to visit is in the afternoon. The gorgeous sunset that sets over the western horizon will soothe you. The orange sky and gentle waves create a relaxing, romantic ambience.

Candidasa Temple is close to the beach and may be visited. This temple sits directly across from a lotus pond, stunning in bloom. You can enjoy the breathtaking view from the top of the hill since it is at a high elevation.

Another spot to appreciate the view of Candidasa is from the top of Guungan Hill. The Guungan Hill route is just across from Puri Pandan (near Candidasa Beach). This location is ideal for nature enthusiasts and those looking for Instagrammable locations.

Even if the hike is challenging, the spectacular views compensate for tiredness. It’s also an excellent spot to unwind because it’s manageable with visitors. Remember to pack food and beverages to set up a picnic while admiring the vast green nature and the shimmering blue sea. You can even camp on this hill with the local village officials’ permission!

Stopping at Tenganan, an old village near Candidasa, is also a good idea. You need to know that the site is close to Candidasa Beach. Every June, you may see the Mekare-kare rite or the creation of Gringsing weaving crafts. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Karangasem’s historic village?

As previously said, Candidasa is well-known for its snorkelling and diving opportunities. It’s expected, given the sea’s crystal-clear water and abundance of aquatic life. If you have sufficient experience, take a boat from Candidasa to Gili Biaha, Tepekong, or Mimpang. But remember that the waves are pretty strong, so be cautious!

If you like seeing things and wandering, visit the Candidasa beach area. This place is a traditional fishing community as well. You may also discover authentic Balinese culture here, such as fishermen who use traditional boats called Jukung to travel the sea. For your information, they sometimes offer fresh fish sampling at a local warung (small restaurant)!

When it comes to eating and lodging, Candidasa has many options. There are several hotels to choose from and restaurants serving delectable cuisine. So you don’t have to be concerned if you wish to spend a long time in Candidasa!

Candidasa Bali should be on your list if you want to create a distinctive itinerary and stand out from the crowd! Isn’t it good to return from vacation and tell everyone that you went to the bizarre paradise of Bali? People often tell you to choose, so take a chance, or your life will never change. Why not give it a chance and experience a lifetime of enjoyment in Candidasa?

Address: Candidasa, Nyuhtebel, Manggis, Karangasem, Bali [MAPS]

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