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10 Best Things to Do at Lovina Bali: Dolphin Watching to Kayaking

lovina bali, 10 Best Things to Do at Lovina Bali: Dolphin Watching to Kayaking

Lovina Bali lies between the highlands of Bedugul and the Bali Sea. You’ll get a taste of heaven by coming here, and we’re confident that you’ll want to come back repeatedly. Given that Lovina provides everything you require for a wonderful stay, it should come as no surprise. 

Travellers looking for tranquillity have long found comfort on the beaches of Lovina with their stunning black sand. In Lovina, Bali, you can enjoy the beautiful beach, meet playful dolphins and experience many Balinese cultures

These are 10 best things to do at Lovina, Bali

1. Staycation at the Beach Resort with Breathtaking Views 

Do you seek some solitude in a peaceful setting to rejuvenate? In Lovina, Bali, there are many top-notch resorts for you to do so. Even better, you can choose a panoramic view from your room, either the majestic mountain or the turquoise sea.

The fact that some resorts in Lovina provide a wide range of outdoor activities is one of their best features.  You don’t need to worry about the agenda if you’re only there for a staycation, because they offer a variety of attractions to their guests. Even some of it is given for free!

One of the best resorts in Lovina that you can choose is The Lovina Bali. This resort will provide you with wonderful services and facilities which will make you feel comfortable staying there for a long time.

2. Culinary Trip at Lovina, Bali

You can easily find delicious food in Lovina, Bali. Enjoy the delicious cuisine while admiring the breathtaking views of the Bedugul mountains and the rice terraces. Isn’t this the best approach to satisfying both your palate and your spirit?

There are several fantastic restaurants offering both local and international food. One of the busiest neighbourhood eateries is Warung Apple. They have moderately priced Indonesian and Balinese cuisine as well as wonderfully prepared and fresh grilled seafood. The alternate choice is La Madre, a warm family eatery that also offer local as well as Italian cuisine.

3. Having Spa Sessions at Lovina, Bali

Do you intend to have a massage while you stay in Bali? A manicure or pedicure that changes colour? Or how about a cream bath for hair treatment? You may relax at The Lovina Bali resort by receiving spa services. 

Let the tension in your muscles and the stress leave your body. You can treat yourself to a traditional Bali massage or a whole spa experience. Of course, you can also receive many kinds of spa treatments in other spa outlets that are spread across Lovina. 

4. Try Yoga Session with the Serene Surroundings at Lovina, Bali

Make time to practise yoga when visiting Lovina, Bali. Enjoy breathing exercises and meditation to unwind your body and mind. Take in the clean air and the lovely surroundings while you do yoga in the morning before you have breakfast or the exciting activity you have planned for the day. It’s a great way to start the day!

You can sign up for yoga sessions at the Lovina Studio, Vinyasa Yoga Class at the Santhika Bed & Breakfast Activities, or just at the resort where you are staying. 

5. Let’s Go Diving and Snorkelling to Meet Nemo’s Friend!

In Lovina, Bali, there are numerous diving and snorkelling spots. The well-known USAT Liberty wreckage during World War II is to the east. Visit before the sun comes up to watch the gigantic parrotfish napping. There is also a stunning reef not far from their shore that is alive with tropical fish, small reef sharks, and even a turtle. Be on the lookout for Nemo and his pals while travelling!

6. Dolphin Watching at Lovina, Bali

Do you enjoy sea life? Dolphin viewing is a fantastic adventure available in Lovina, Bali. One of life’s most fulfilling pleasures is seeing dolphins in the wild, in their natural habitat. You are led out to meet the Lovina dolphins as the sun is rising not far from the Lovina beach point.

Numerous dolphins can be spotted if you’re fortunate enough to witness the wonders of nature, that you might think you’re dreaming. After seeing enough dolphins, enter Lovina Bay to feed the tropical fish that live among the reefs.

7. Feel the Tranquil Sunset Moment at Beach Bar

Lovina is one of the best sunset viewing places in North Bali. The bars by the beach will provide you with the best cocktails in town, which will not just dazzle your eyes. Depending on what you prefer to eat to complement your quiet moment, either a range of seafood, steak, or nasi goreng will be served to soothe your stomach and taste buds. Until the end of the day, their live music will provide a distinctive experience.

8. Cycling Around Lovina, Bali

In Lovina, you can enjoy a bicycle while taking in the breeze. You don’t have to rent bicycles elsewhere because some resorts provide them for free. Take your time admiring Lovina’s beauty. Before riding your bike close to the picturesque rice paddies, don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

9. Enjoy Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boards

Another well-liked activity in Lovina involves riding kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. As your body moves with the waves, it will absorb salt water and vitamin D. For your information, many resorts provide free stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. Therefore, be sure to accept the compliment!

10. Lovina, Bali Family Vacation: Learn Balinese Dance to Cooking Class

Bring your kids because Lovina is a family-friendly destination. You shouldn’t pass up the Balinese dance lessons that certain resorts offer. While your kids are having fun, you may sign up for a cooking lesson. Learn about regional cuisine from the pros. Therefore, if you miss Bali after your trip, the food will help you do so.

We’ve demonstrated that, whether you visit Lovina alone or with family, you can do everything here. When will you be able to experience free kayaking or see dolphins in their natural habitat if you are not in Lovina? So all you need to do is reserve the hotel and the flight for a fantastic Bali getaway!

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