Weather in Bali in June

weather bali june, Weather in Bali in June

Bali weather June on average

MonthMax. TempAvg. TempMin. TempAvg. Rainfall PrecipitationAvg. Rain DaysSeason
June31°C27°C22°C50 mm5Dry Season
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Bali Weather Forecast


How is the Bali weather in June? 

In June, Bali experiences weather similar to May, as it is still within the dry season. The temperature in June is warm, especially in the daytime.The evenings remain relatively mild but can be a bit cooler compared to the daytime.

Rainfall is minimal, but you might encounter some occasional light showers, but they are generally short-lived and infrequent. Humidity levels remain relatively high, ranging from 70% to 85%. This can make the weather feel quite muggy at times.

June offers plenty of sunshine and blue skies, making it an excellent time for outdoor activities, including beach visits, hiking, and exploring the island. If you’re into surfing, the west coast of Bali, particularly areas like Canggu and Uluwatu, can have excellent waves in June. This is also the reason why June is a popular month for tourists in Bali, but still less crowded than the peak-season months of July and August.

Overall, June is a fantastic time to visit Bali if you prefer dry and warm weather. The island’s natural beauty, cultural attractions, and outdoor adventures are all accessible during this time. Just be aware that popular tourist areas may be busier, so plan your accommodations and activities accordingly.

Bali Weather by Month

Dive deeper into Bali each month’s weather to select the most opportune period for your visit to Bali

Bali Climate and Bali Weather Year Round

MonthAvg. TempAvg. Rainfall PrecipitationAvg. Rain DaysSeasonHoliday Season
January26°C90 mm16Rain SeasonLow season
February26°C90 mm15Rain SeasonLow season
March27°C90 mm14Rain SeasonShoulder/Low season
April27°C70 mm12Dry SeasonLow season
May28°C70 mm9Dry SeasonShoulder season
June27°C50 mm5Dry SeasonShoulder season
July27°C40 mm4Dry SeasonHigh season
August27°C40 mm3Dry SeasonHigh season
September27°C50 mm4Dry SeasonShoulder season
October27°C60 mm8Dry/Rain SeasonLow season
November27°C70 mm13Rain SeasonLow season
December27°C90 mm13Rain SeasonLow season
***Data cited from We also include the average number of holidaymakers during peak seasons, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect time for your Bali getaway.

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