weather in bali, Weather in Bali: Everything You Need to Know

Weather in Bali

Everything you need to know about Bali weather today

The Dry and Rainy Season in Bali That Influenced the Weather in Bali

Dry Season: Sunny Skies and a Cool Breeze

Throughout the dry season, you can anticipate temperatures ranging from 80 to 90°F (27 to 32°C) with relatively low humidity, creating a comfortable and enjoyable climate. The cool breeze that often graces the island adds to the pleasant atmosphere, revealing Bali’s picturesque charm. Although occasional rainfall may still occur, it’s generally a good idea to avoid the traditionally rainy months if possible, as this reduces the risk of encountering unfavourable weather during your stay in Bali.


With clear and sunny skies being the norm, the dry season is perfect for engaging in various outdoor activities. Whether it’s swimming, sunbathing, water sports, trekking, or joining beach parties, you’ll find the conditions ideal for making the most of your time in Bali.

Rainy Season: Humidity Increment and Higher Rainfall

In the rainy season, Bali receives higher rainfall and experiences increased humidity compared to the dry season. Despite the wetter conditions, temperatures remain warm, typically ranging from 75 to 85°F (24 to 29°C).


Even with the rain, there are still plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy during this time. Bali’s lush tropical landscape becomes even more stunning, with vibrant green rice terraces and mist-covered jungles. However, it’s worth noting that some of the southern beaches in Bali, such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Canggu, may become less appealing due to debris and trash washed ashore, particularly during December, January, and February. It’s not the prettiest sight to behold!

Bali Climate and Bali Weather Year Round

MonthAvg. TempAvg. Rainfall PrecipitationAvg. Rain DaysSeasonHoliday Season
January26°C90 mm16Rain SeasonLow season
February26°C90 mm15Rain SeasonLow season
March27°C90 mm14Rain SeasonShoulder/Low season
April27°C70 mm12Dry SeasonLow season
May28°C70 mm9Dry SeasonShoulder season
June27°C50 mm5Dry SeasonShoulder season
July27°C40 mm4Dry SeasonHigh season
August27°C40 mm3Dry SeasonHigh season
September27°C50 mm4Dry SeasonShoulder season
October27°C60 mm8Dry/Rain SeasonLow season
November27°C70 mm13Rain SeasonLow season
December27°C90 mm13Rain SeasonLow season
***Data cited from We also include the average number of holidaymakers during peak seasons, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect time for your Bali getaway.

Bali Weather by Month

Dive deeper into Bali each month’s weather to select the most opportune period for your visit to Bali

Things to consider before travelling to Bali

There are only two types of seasons or weather in Bali, dry and rainy. The dry season lasts from April to October, while the rainy season lasts from November to March. But because of climate change, sometimes the timing is not as accurate as it used to be.

The school children’s holiday season usually takes place in July–August. During these months, Bali usually becomes more crowded, and hotel and flight prices are more expensive. So if you want a vacation that isn’t too crowded with tourists, it’s best to avoid this school holiday season.

The Peak Season in Bali based on Bali Weather


End of December till the first week of January

Changes every year; make sure you update about when the holidays are. Usually, the week before and after Lebaran is high season in Bali.

Between 21 January and 20 February.

Usually in early to mid-April.

So, when is the best time to travel to Bali?

You should vacation in the midseason, namely in May, June, and September. Bali is not very crowded, and the weather is good all day long. But April and October are still okay to visit.


These months are slightly less humid, so room prices and villa rentals can be cheaper than in the high seasons. It can be cheaper by 30–50%. Since Bali will be less crowded at that time, you’ll feel more relaxed. The shops also offer special promotions during these periods.

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