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Bali Swing and Where You Can Find It on The Island

bali swing, Bali Swing and Where You Can Find It on The Island

Bali is more than just strolling along the beaches or riding the waves on your surfboard. The Bali Swing is one of the many intriguing excursions available in Bali. This attraction gives the sense of high-altitude racing. It is becoming a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

You should attempt Bali swing if you want to have fun and challenge yourself. There are numerous locations where you can try the Bali swing, as well as some important things to consider before embarking on the ride. Let’s take a closer look before you buy your tickets!

What is Bali Swing and Where Can You Find It?

Bali swing is a unique tourist attraction in Bali. These two swing ropes are suspended from a tree trunk or pole placed on the hill’s edge. You will enjoy swinging while seeing the magnificent scenery below. It’s almost as if you’re an eagle soaring through the luscious forest!

The best part is that there will be a crew taking stunning shots of you. It’s incredible because the background is made up of lush vistas, lakes, and blue skies. Isn’t it fantastic to post the picture on your Instagram feed?

There are numerous locations where you may experience Bali swing. However, it is mostly spotted in Ubud. Why? Because Ubud sits in the upper part of Bali, there are numerous prospective locations for this one-of-a-kind attraction. We’ll make some Bali swing recommendations!

1. Bali swing at Alas Harum

It is located on Jalan Raya Tegallalang in Gianyar, Bali, approximately 25 minutes from the centre of Ubud. The extreme swing (IDR150,000) with a height of 15 metres from the ground is popular among children and those terrified of heights. The second is the extra-extreme IDR200,000) with a 25-metre height from the ground.

Do you bring your loved ones? You may try their couple package. The couple swing (IDR300,000) accommodated up to two people who sat together on one swing 20 metres above ground level. Aside from swing games, Alas Harum features other rides such as sky bikes or high-altitude cycling, a flying fox, and a special luwak coffee tour.

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2. Aloha Ubud

Aloha Ubud offers a variety of tour packages ranging from IDR400,000 to IDR650,000 that include a variety of amenities. The location is around 20 minutes from Ubud city, on Jalan Raya Tegallalang, close to Alas Harum. They offer a variety of swings available, including single, tandem, libra, and romance swings. You can also experiment with their two sorts of nests: bird’s nests and nest chickens.

Aloha Ubud Swing promises a swing with stunning views of rice paddies as well as a butterfly garden. This site also allows you to peek into the process at the Luwak coffee plantation and shop. We recommend that you book the complete package (IDR600,000 – IDR650,000) because it includes transportation from your accommodation as well as facilities at Aloha.

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3. Bali Swing Pioneer at Badung

Bali Swing Pioneer offers a variety of tour packages ranging in price from IDR370,000 to IDR510,000. You will already have two single swings, one romantic swing, one-bed swing, one sky bed, one bird’s nest, and one chicken nest. Aside from that, you can participate in a rafting trip on the Ayung River with a trained guide.

Aside from that, there is a cost of IDR 250 thousand if you wish to rent clothes. Take note that hiring a photographer will cost an additional IDR200,000, as will hiring an outside photographer. Jalan Dewi Saraswati No 5, Bongkasa Pertiwi, Abiansemal, Badung, Bali, is the site of the Bali Swing Pioneer.

4. Bali swing at D’Tukad River Club Blangsinga Tourism Village

D’Tukad River Club offers a variety of tours, including swimming, swinging, and taking in the scenery of the waterfall. In addition, you can shoot selfies in bird nests with a river in the background. There are three packages available. First, there’s the Admission Package (IDR95,000), then there’s the Swim and Swing Package (IDR230,000), and finally, there’s the Swim and Swing with Lunch Package (IDR250,000).

The admission package includes a welcome drink, swimming pool access, and a ticket to the Blangsinga waterfall. When you select the Swim and Swing Package, you will receive additional swing facilities as well as insurance. If you select the Swim and Swing Package with lunch, you will have access to additional a la carte meal options with Indonesian and foreign menus.

5. Wanagiri Hidden Hill

It’s time to go swinging over the view of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. Not to mention that the greenery surrounding the lakes will provide more tranquil viewpoints. One of the best deals is that you can visit Wanagiri Hidden Hill for free! Each photo opportunity, such as a swing, a bird’s nest, and other rides, will cost between IDR40,000 and IDR60,000 per person.

Aside from the swings, there are other photo opportunities. You may photograph bird nests, tree houses, and even the Eiffel Tower! It’ll be an amazing spot to relax in a tranquil setting while trying out a new experience.

Pro tips if you want to try out the Bali swing

 The most important thing to remember about the attractions is that you should not be afraid of heights. So, if you have a phobia of heights, we wouldn’t recommend trying Bali Swing. Make sure you’re in good physical condition as well, so you won’t get sick later. As the swing has maximum weights for guests to try the rides, enquire about the dos and don’ts. Always prioritise safety!

Some places even hire out outfits and photographers. Make the most of the time you spend by having them take a gorgeous and unforgettable photograph! You don’t want to squander your time here, do you?

Bali swing is going to offer you an unforgettable vacation when visiting the island. It not only refreshes your eyes with magnificent scenery, but it also gives you an adrenaline boost. You won’t get this unique experience anywhere else but Bali! So, remember to include it in your holiday wish list if you want to make the most of your time in Bali.

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