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Mount Batur: A Complete Travel Guide

mount batur, Mount Batur: A Complete Travel Guide

Bali not only has a stunning view of the blue sea, but it also has mountains. Mount Batur is one of the most well-known hiking routes in Bali. Mount Batur is an active volcano, and its elevation is 1717 metres.

Nature’s serenity may be felt from the summit of Mount Batur. It’s also the ideal place to catch a spectacular sunrise. If you are wondering about the dos and don’ts, here are some tips for you!

Make Sure to Use Suitable Outfits!

Considering the temperature and elevation will change as you ascend the mountain, you should dress in layers. Clothing that is easy to put on and take off during the walk is an excellent choice. Long trousers, a T-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and a light jacket are recommended for the cool morning. Although rain is unlikely during the dry season, a waterproof outer layer is recommended.

During the trekking, you may become sweaty and remove your outer garments. However, after you reach the summit, you will crave warm clothing once more. To keep your head warm, we recommend bringing gloves and a beanie or wearing a jacket with a hood.

Most importantly, wear long socks and sturdy, grippy shoes. Please do not wear flip-flops, sandals, flat shoes, or trendy boots. Even if standard running shoes are an option, hiking boots are preferred for navigating uneven terrain.

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If You Are First first-timer, Hire A Guide

It is essential to know that Mount Batur is an active volcano. As a result, much of the terrain is slippery and treacherous, and it’s easy to get lost. We recommend hiring a guide for your convenience as well as your safety while trekking.

Tour guides inform trekkers hiking Mount Batur about which pathways are safe during the dry and wet seasons. If you want to see the sunrise, they can help you navigate the paths in the dark. In addition, you will learn about the volcano and its surroundings. Isn’t it fun to learn about nature?

How much will hiring a guide cost? Tours on Mount Batur range in price from IDR600,000 to IDR950,000 per person. This price includes a 5-hour round-trip walk, one hour of transportation each way, plus the services of a guide. Please keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Coffee and hot cocoa are frequently served before the trek, as is breakfast at the peak (water, bread, fruit, and two eggs boiled with volcanic steam). There are a few more costs to consider. Some also provide add-ons such as visits to Bali’s hot springs, buffet restaurants, or coffee estates, which might enhance the tour price.

Is it difficult to reach the peak? To be honest, the challenge level is determined by your level of fitness. But don’t worry; the majority of people can accomplish the journey up Mount Batur without too much difficulty. However, anticipate a 5-hour round-trip walk that includes 2 hours hiking to the summit, a break at the top, and another 2 hours walking down.

The Best Time to Visit Mount Batur

There are two seasons in Bali: wet and dry. Although a few sprinkles would be great, we recommend hiking Mount Batur during the dry season (May through September). During the rainy season, heavy rain makes the climb uncomfortable and perilous. Moreover, the dampness makes acquiring traction on the trails more difficult.

We recommend that you get up early to see the dawn. Sunrise hikes are offered by most tours because it is one of the most beautiful and feasible times of day to trek. Furthermore, due to Bali’s year-round warm temperature, ascending Mount Batur in the middle of the day can be quite uncomfortable.

Most sunrise tour groups begin ascending Mount Batur at the coolest part of the day, around 3 AM, to avoid the heat. Right after sunrise, you’ll start to feel the sun yourself, and you’ll be glad you didn’t start the hike later. Although it might be difficult to wake up just a couple of hours after midnight, the cooler temperatures and the breathtaking sunrise are well worth it.

Aside from the peaceful atmosphere and pure air, long-tailed monkeys can be found near the peak of Mount Batur. Even if watching them in their natural habitat is interesting, you should use caution. Because of the crowds, they are unafraid of humans and approach with confidence. This implies they have the ability to steal your food and personal stuff, as well as harm you.

Mount Batur is a popular tourist destination in Bali. For instance, lots of people will climb Mount Batur every day. A few hundred people are believed to reach the summit in the morning. Your breakfast might feel like a feast at the top of the mountain.

So, are you ready to climb and challenge yourself during the holiday season? Pack your trekking gear now so you don’t miss out on the tranquillity of Mount Batur. Feel the breeze and take in the breathtaking views of Bali from the top!

  • Estimated Price Ranges (Guide): IDR600,000 – IDR950,000
  • Address: South Batur, Kintamani, Bangli, Bali [MAPS]
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