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Potato Head Beach Club: Free Entry and Family-Friendly

potato head beach club, Potato Head Beach Club: Free Entry and Family-Friendly

You have heard that Bali is a beach club paradise, right? There are plenty of beach clubs in Bali. However, one of the best beach clubs in Bali that you have to visit is Potato Head Beach Club. This place is a popular and free beach club located in Seminyak. The location is part of the one-of-a-kind Potato Head Village complex, and you’ll never regret relaxing here.

At Potato Head Beach Club, you can relax while enjoying the beautiful view of Seminyak Beach. Not to mention the appetising food and drink choices available. If you come in the afternoon, there is a sunset bonus that will spoil your eyes. Therefore, this beach club is a must-visit place when you are in Bali.

Here are reasons why you should visit Potato Head Beach Club

What you need to know about Potato Head Beach Club

The ‘Colosseum,’ a towering elliptical façade of mismatched 18th-century teak window shutters collected from across the Indonesian archipelago will greet you as you enter. Further inside, you’ll find the Beach Club’s 500-square-metre lawn, bars, restaurants, and an infinity pool with views of the dazzling Indian Ocean. The man behind the stunning location is a famous architect, Andra Matin.

Potato Head Beach Club is where it all started, and it’s ready to shake your stress away. It’s a place to unwind and revel in Desa Potato Head’s throbbing heart. The best thing about it is that everybody is welcome. In other words, entrance is free!

You are not mistaken; walk-ins are welcome! Their Beach Club is open to the public and offers a variety of seating options with no minimum purchase. However, these locations cannot be reserved in advance and tend to fill up rapidly. As a result, we suggest you arrive early to ensure that you get a good location.

The facilities at Potato Head Beach Club

This popular spot features an infinity pool, daybeds, a wide variety of international cuisine, and specially crafted cocktails. So you’re welcome to swim, dine, sip, and relax however you want. It’s time to enjoy the lively atmosphere in your spare time. For your information, Condé Nast Traveller has already named this location one of the greatest holiday locations in the world.

Potato Head Beach Club truly is the epicentre of oceanside enjoyment. You may go from breezy mornings to tropical afternoons, magnificent Balinese sunsets to late-night dancing exercises since it is set up at 10 AM. You can reserve a daybed or mattresses beside the pool or on the grass for the ultimate cosy day. That is entirely up to you!

The nicest aspect is that this is a family-friendly Bali beach club. This is a great spot for your kids to hang out during the day. There is a huge grassy area in front of the building where children can run around or play football. Your children can eat great meals at the restaurant after swimming, and highchairs are available for the youngest ones.

This beach club is not only family-friendly but also pet-friendly. You can bring your four-legged companions to enjoy the fun because, as their tagline says, “Pets are part of the family, too.” Just keep an eye on your pet so you don’t lose them in such a crowded setting.

Things you can do at Potato Head Beach Club in Bali 

Throughout the day and evening, families, sun worshippers, drinkers, and eaters may gather to watch the famed Bali sunset. You can have a party throng until the early hours after seeing the magnificent vista. Prepare for the following enjoyable experiences at Potato Head Beach Club Bali:

  • Celebrate sunsets with a Potato Head style

Their home on the Indian Ocean’s coastline is well situated for watching Bali’s unmistakable sunset skies. The timing of sunsets varies throughout the year. However, it is most likely between 6 PM and 6.40 PM. If you want to see the sunset, arrive a couple of hours early because the golden hour is a popular time to visit.

  • Unwind with family or loved ones

On regular days, the seaside bar is flanked by an expanse of grass, which immediately fills with sunbathers. To reiterate, it’s free, so it’s no surprise that people are thrilled. If you don’t want to be left out in space, hurry up, but don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!

There’s also an infinity pool surrounded by standing tables. With a small kids’ pool nearby, Potato Head Beach Club is also a terrific weekend getaway for families. The sandy beachfront is just a few steps down from the pool.

  • Let the music sway your body, and dance! 

International DJs and celebrities take the stage in front of an ocean background during special events. The enthusiastic heaps will congregate on the central lawn. Mark Ronson, Foster the People, and Fat Boy Slim are among others who have performed on the stage. Potato Head Beach Club also hosts world-class EDM festivals on a regular basis.

  • Great place, good food! 

Potato Head boasts a variety of eateries with outstanding service. You can select between local and international cuisines. Sustainable seafood, genuine Indonesian cuisine, and a casual pizza menu are available. Don’t miss out on the fantastic cocktail bar, which serves signature cocktails from visiting mixologists. 

The drink menu is divided into types, and you should try some. Indo Eksotika is a house-blended Balinese-Arak and bitters experiment. Indo-classics, like Bloody Marys spiced with hot sambal. Stark, a Balinese specialty beer, is also available.

Pro tips to visit Potato Head Beach Club 

As previously said, the Beach Club fills up rapidly, so make reservations right away. The reservation process is simple and can be done with a few clicks on Potato Heads’ website. If you’re staying in one of the resort’s rooms, you should be able to book ahead of time at the front desk or have one of the pleasant staff members assist you. If you don’t want to reserve or spend money, make your arrival as soon as possible!

Daybeds must also be reserved in advance. This is done on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, many visitors find that arriving 30 minutes before the venue’s opening time of 10 a.m. may help get some of the better spots. The rental term is only available for six hours, so keep that in mind while planning your stay.

Potato Head’s dress code differs based on where you go. The restaurant requires smart-casual wear, and the poolside allows for casual beach wear. If you intend to swim in the pool as well as eat something, bring a change of clothing.

Overall, Potato Head Beach Club is a place where you can relax and have fun at the same time. You can also bring your children to unwind in this exciting setting. Make a reservation or arrive early to ensure you have the most relaxed time in Seminyak. Enjoy the breeze with your refreshing cocktail!

  • Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday (9 AM – 12 AM) & Friday – Saturday (9 AM – 2 AM)
  • Address: Ground Level, Desa Potato Head, Jl. Petitenget No. 51B, Seminyak, North Kuta, Badung, Bali [MAPS]
  • Contact: +62 3616207979
  • Instagram: @potatoheadbali
  • Websites: https://seminyak.potatohead.co/feast/beach-club
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