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The Lawn Canggu: Have a Blast with Music and Surfing  

the lawn canggu, The Lawn Canggu: Have a Blast with Music and Surfing  

Looking for Bali beach club and restaurant ideas? The Lawn Canggu may be the finest alternative for those wishing to relax. The interior and exterior areas of The Lawn are distinctly designed in a modern Scandinavian style. Furthermore, its beachside location adds to your relaxing experience. 

The Lawn Canggu provides a variety of activities. So it’s not only about lounging or eating good food; there are other things to do. Let’s have a closer look at The Lawn!

About The Lawn Canggu

Tai Buddha, a pro surfer, founded and directs The Lawn. His inventiveness and ability to push entertainment boundaries have helped shape The Lawn into what it is today. Tai Buddha has become a pioneer in the Bali hospitality business over the previous decade, amassing a portfolio of various famous locations distributed along the island’s coastline. He hopes that by renovating and reopening The Lawn, he will be able to produce something that belongs to the local scene while also bridging the gap between Bali and the international stage.

The Lawn’s history began with offering sunset margaritas to Canggu’s surfers and beachgoers from a seaside Combi van. The Lawn is now recognized as a world-class facility. Conde Nast Bali’s Best Beach Clubs list and hosting some of the biggest stars in music and surfing are proof.

Community involvement is one of The Lawn’s core values. Their goal is to continually enhance people’s lives, whether through monthly beach clean-ups or by aiding the less fortunate in the aftermath of earthquakes, volcanoes, and pandemics.

For example, during the statewide shutdown caused by the pandemic, The Lawn utilized its commercial kitchen and began a weekly feeding initiative for the hungry. Hundreds of meals were served to the community during difficult times.

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Fun Experience at The Lawn Canggu

Locals have known The Lawn as the spot to catch up, relax, and celebrate. The setting is in the center of Canggu Beach, on top of Bali’s most famous longboard wave. Sunset, food, drinks, surfs, and music are provided on a daybed with a view of the Indian Ocean. The Lawn is everything: a mix of daily lazing, romantic dinners, and legendary nights.

Whether you show up early in the morning or remain late at night, you may experience the good times at The Lawn. Visit, enjoy the fresh ocean air, and stay for the sunset. The meal is simple but thoughtful, the music is well-selected, and the nights are epic. Every element and experience is planned to provide a memorable time facing the ocean.

1. Dance the day away with a great taste of music at The Lawn Canggu

The Lawn has hosted numerous musical performances. Anderson Paak, Diplo, Swae Lee, and Fisher come to mind. They’ve all performed on the same stages as international indie bands and local talent.

Weekly DJ lineups and an ongoing attempt to uncover new sounds; you’ll most likely hear it first at the Lawn. This location will provide you with unforgettable nights. It’s a fantastic cultural playground for you to catch your breath and have a blast in Canggu.

2. Catch up with the waves: surfing at The Lawn Canggu

The Lawn Canggu’s founder is a surfer, therefore, it’s no surprise that surfing is an experience available here. The show never stops because the venue is in front of one of Bali’s most sought-after longboard waves. The music and the waves at Batu Bolong Beach invite you to dance.

Several world-class surfers, including Kelly Slater, Gabriel Medina, Stephanie Gilmore, and Kelia Moniz, have visited this location. Competitions, screenings, and an involved community have made the Lawn a destination for locals and visitors. If you want to surf, they’ve got it! 

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Dive into the art at The Lawn Canggu

The AFP, or Artist Feature Programme, is one of the most intriguing aspects of The Lawn Canggu. AFP is a platform designed to share the work of artists who inspire the next generation and push the frontiers of creativity with you. They offer substantive works about music, surfing, and street culture.

These selected works, curated and commissioned by Tai Buddha, vividly depict the Lawn’s vision and passion. The Lawn, for example, is now exhibiting paintings by Joe Termini, Tom Hawkins, and Davinia Arias. You can also pay a visit to see their artwork up close.

Culinary journey at The Lawn Canggu

Chit-chat and chill without food? That’s a no, no! The Lawn Canggu is ready to please your palate with its exciting cuisines. From one-of-beach barbecues to Sunday Cook-Outs with pop-ups from Bali’s new culinary gems, they are all prepared to satisfy your taste buds.

Their eat-and-drink menu is just the tip of the iceberg. They have monthly curated experiences with guest chefs and mixologists, occasion-curated menus, and more.

Their dish includes snacks to large and shareable portions of munchies. You can get lobster nachos or white fish ceviche to share. Treat your taste buds to Margherita Pizza or the healthful Grilled Chicken Salad. Ending up the flavor with Chocolate Parfait is an option for dessert.

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Booking Policy at The Lawn Canggu

Regarding booking rules at The Lawn Canggu, there are a few things to remember. Remember the following issues if you have included The Lawn in your agenda!

  • Please notify them of any food restrictions or allergies.
  • Keep in mind that they only keep the table for 15 minutes. 
  • Booking is available for the lounge and daybed area. 
  • Reservations of 8 people or more should be sent to their WhatsApp or during your booking on their website.

Pro tip: If you want to see the sunset, we recommend booking between 4 PM to 6 PM. Try their pools and splash your way through the day while watching the beach. You don’t want to miss the serene view during your chill time, right?

The Lawn Canggu offers impressive nuance and gorgeous surroundings. One of the best places to spend quality time alone, with friends, or with loved ones. Visit their websites to book a reservation and have a wonderful Canggu vacation!

  • Opening Hours: from 10AM
  • Address: Jl. Pura Dalem, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung, Bali [MAPS]
  • Contact: +62 81138004951
  • Website: https://www.thelawncanggu.com
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