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Prama Sanur Beach Bali: Where Luxury Meets Nature

prama sanur beach bali, Prama Sanur Beach Bali: Where Luxury Meets Nature

Looking for a luxurious escape in Bali? Look no further than the Prama Sanur Beach Bali Hotel, a 5-star hotel nestled along Bali’s picturesque Mertasari Beachmost, one of the most popular destinations in Bali. With easy access to the airport and city centre, their environmentally friendly hotel boasts stunning ocean views and 428 rooms set within 7.8 hectares of lush tropical gardens.

Our range of services and facilities cater to guests of all ages, including the new Splash Zone pool for families, a lagoon pool with a swim-up bar, a watersport centre, a spa, a private beach, and several dining options featuring Italian, Indonesian, Asian, and international cuisine. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a family vacation, the Prama Sanur Beach Bali offers unparalleled luxury and comfort for your Bali experience.

Here are the reasons why you should stay at Prama Sanur Beach Bali Hotel

Luxury Accommodations with Indonesian Flair

At Prama Sanur Beach Bali Hotel, they take pride in offering 428 exquisite rooms that seamlessly blend the exotic beauty of Indonesian culture with the modern conveniences expected by discerning contemporary travellers.

Each of their accommodations is designed to provide abundant natural light and offers breathtaking views of their lush tropical gardens, inviting pool, or mesmerising ocean. Prama Sanur Beach Bali Hotel’s rooms are impeccably furnished with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that guests experience the comfort and luxury that befit a 5-star hotel in Bali.

Family-Friendly Comfort and Affordability

They cherish the opportunity to host families at Prama Sanur Beach Bali, and they understand that your visit should be as comfortable and affordable as it is enjoyable. To cater to families, they offer adjoining rooms in the Superior, Deluxe, and Club Room types. These connecting rooms are designed to give you the convenience of keeping an eye on your little ones while also enjoying some well-deserved privacy.

Prama Sanur Beach Bali offers a fantastic kids’ club where you can leave your worries at bay and have uninterrupted adult fun. Their trained caretakers and nannies are there to keep your little ones occupied with exciting activities that will even get the fussiest toddler excited.

It’s the perfect way to ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable family experience during your stay. During the booking process, simply request “connecting rooms,” and they will do their best to allocate them for you.

Your family’s comfort and satisfaction, as well as your peace of mind, are Prama Sanur Beach Bali’s top priorities.

Culinary Delights at the Prama Sanur Beach Bali Hotel

Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable journey at the Prama Sanur Beach Bali Hotel. The restaurants and bars at Prama Sanur Beach Bali Hotel are not just places to dine; they are settings for memorable culinary experiences with a great number of resto selections.

  • Lada Restaurant

Immerse yourself in a relaxed, casual, and authentic local dining experience at their modern beachfront hotel in Bali. Lada Restaurant, located on the pathway to the beach, specialises in serving signature Indonesian dishes alongside a selection of beloved Asian favourites.

  • Tirta Restaurant and Pool Bar

Begin your day at their environmentally friendly hotel in Bali with a sun-filled buffet breakfast at Tirta Restaurant. This beachside haven offers casual all-day dining with a menu featuring popular favourites and a dedicated children’s menu.

  • Prama Cafe & Lounge

The Prama Cafe & Lounge is a modern yet warmly designed space where guests can savour classic cocktails and international beverage selections. Enhanced by the soothing sounds of jazz music, this setting immerses you in an intimate ambience, making it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a drink while creating lasting memories.

Opportunity to Explore Sanur Even More

Staying at Prama Sanur Beach Bali gives you an opportunity to explore the charming coastal town of Bali, Sanur. Known for its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and a variety of activities and attractions for visitors to explore, here are some of the things you can explore in Sanur:

  • Sanur Beach

Sanur’s pristine beach is a must-visit, offering a tranquil and picturesque setting for swimming, water sports, and relaxing beach strolls.

  • Water Sports

Engage in watersports activities like snorkelling, windsurfing, kite surfing, or stand-up paddleboarding to make the most of the clear waters and coastal setting.

  • Le Mayeur Museum

Explore the artistic and cultural heritage of Bali through the artwork of Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur in this unique museum.

  • Sindhu Night Market

Delight your taste buds with local cuisine at the Sindhu Night Market, offering a diverse range of Indonesian street food.

  • Sanur Art Market

Shop for Balinese handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs while immersing yourself in the vibrant local culture.

  • Temples

Visit the nearby Pura Blanjong, a historic temple with a stone pillar inscribed with one of Bali’s oldest inscriptions, and Pura Segara, a coastal temple with stunning ocean views.

  • Sunrise and sunset

Sanur is known for its stunning sunrises, so wake up early to catch the first light. You can also enjoy sunset views from beachfront restaurants.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil holiday in Bali, adventure in water sports, cultural immersion in museums and temples, or simply a leisurely stroll along the beach, Prama Sanur Beach Bali has it all.

Indulge your senses and immerse yourself in luxury and nature at Prama Sanur Beach, Bali. With its stunning location, impeccable accommodations, and wealth of amenities, it’s the perfect destination for a truly unforgettable experience in Bali.

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