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Bali Power Plug: Which Adapter is Used in Bali?

bali power plug, Bali Power Plug: Which Adapter is Used in Bali?

You’ve packed your luggage and purchased your plane ticket to Bali. We believe you should double-check it. Going to Bali means you’ll have a tonne of activities to choose from. That is why it is essential that you set up a Bali power plug so that your gadgets do not run out of batteries.

If you intend to bring certain devices, you should be aware of the Bali power plug. To charge your devices, you must pack the appropriate adaptor or even a voltage converter. That is why we wrote this post to assist you in sorting everything out.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Bali power plug

About the Bali Power Plug: What is the Type?

According to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), there are 14 distinct plugs used across the world. Type A through Type N. Which of these is the Bali Power Plug?

Bali, like the rest of Indonesia, employs Type C and Type F power plug outlets. These plugs are two-pin sockets. Type C plugs are also known as normal Euro plugs. This socket is also compatible with plugs E and F (Schuko). This socket is compatible with plugs C and E.

If you are travelling from a nation that does not support this plug, you will need to purchase an adaptor. Amazon, like the voltage converter, has plenty of them. Alternatively, you may purchase it at electronic stores or markets in Bali. 

Understanding the Voltage and Electricity Standards in Bali

Before purchasing an adapter or voltage converter, it is critical to understand the Bali power plug. Yes, you should be familiar with the voltage and electrical standards in Bali. As a result, you won’t be squandering money or endangering your device.

The globe is divided into two voltage ranges: 110-127 V and 220-240 V. Variations within the range will not be a problem for short-term use if your device is within either range. For example, if the local power is 100 V but your equipment requires 125 V, it will function normally.

In Bali, the standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. This is consistent with other regions in Indonesia. In addition to the United Kingdom, various European countries, Australia, and the majority of Asia and Africa are represented. As a result, the majority of your devices, such as phones or laptops, could be charged correctly.

However, if you are travelling from the United States, Canada, or maybe South American countries, the voltage range may alter. You may still charge your device normally, but it will not last long.

Other important Bali power plug tips: Please verify the input voltage. You may look for it on the outlet, power cord, or even the gadget itself. If you notice “Input: 110-240 V”, your gadget is dual-voltage capable. As a result, voltage conversion is not required.

If you don’t see it, we recommend purchasing a voltage converter. A voltage converter is available on Amazon. However, if you are short on time or have already arrived in Bali, you can get it in a local electrical store.

Important Tips for Using Bali Power Plug

We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints to help you make the most of your time in Bali. You won’t be irritated by a low-battery device or suffer from headaches caused by an adapter.

First and foremost, we recommend that you purchase an adaptor plug before your travel. This is the most important point.

“What if I forget to bring it?”. Then you should not be worried. Bali has something for everyone. As soon as you get on the island, you will find an adaptor that suits the Bali power plug. It is easily available at any airport electronics store. They can also be seen in tourist locations or hotels. These are also available at a number of malls.

Second, pay close attention to the rear side of the adapters. Because your gadget has to be able to plug into the converter socket. Some outlets are intended to accommodate different plug types. USB ports are among the other sorts.

Before you buy anything, do some research. Check that the adapters have the correct plug or setting for Bali. If you buy it in Bali, though, everything must be set up. Don’t forget to give it a shot first!

Do you carry a lot of electronics in your bag? We recommend purchasing a single adaptor plug and a power strip that has multiple outlets. It is more expensive, but it is more appropriate for a holiday. A multi-outlet surge protector is even better since it provides additional security for areas with less dependable electrical grids.

You Can Charge Your Devices Anywhere in Bali

Aside from hotels and resorts, practically every restaurant in Bali has a plug. Particularly in a tourist site. You may even use it for free at the airport. You don’t have to be worried if your battery dies since the answer is right around the corner.

You’ve already read our guide and recommendations. Put the adaptor or voltage converter in your backpack now. Pack it carefully, seal the top, and you’re ready to go to Bali!

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