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Cretya Ubud by Alas Harum Bali: The Perfect Getaway to Spend the Day

cretya ubud, Cretya Ubud by Alas Harum Bali: The Perfect Getaway to Spend the Day

Alas Harum Bali is a must-see attraction in Bali. They provide Instagram-worthy attractions and a spot to indulge your stomach and spirit. Cretya Ubud, a part of Alas Harum Bali, is the answer. A luxurious, fun restaurant and day club with natural excitement.

You can enjoy the spectacular view of the green rice terrace, three layered azure blue pools, and daily DJ performances at Cretya Ubud. This place is a quiet, natural retreat inspired by Tegallalang locals. Another wonderful Bali hideaway to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and boost your palate with mouth-watering meals.

Cretya Ubud at Alas Harum Bali: Location, Opening Hour, Terms & Condition

The Cretya Ubud at Alas Harum Bali sits in the middle of Tegallalang. This tropical oasis extends over 8 hectares and features gorgeous rice terraces, making it ideal for seeking a tranquil escape. This tropical paradise spans over 8 hectares and boasts stunning rice terraces, perfect for those looking for a relaxing and serene getaway. It is only a 20-minute drive from Ubud’s center and a 30-minute drive from Kintamani. They are open from 8 AM to 9 PM daily. 

There are several terms and conditions at Cretya Ubud for you to take notes. Take heed of the following rules:

  • All minimum spending is subject to a 17.59% tax and service charge.
  • Those who are 18 and older are permitted in the pool area. You should bring your ID because it will be checked.
  • Please remember that your table will only be kept for 30 minutes from your reservation, and they will not be able to guarantee your reservation after that time.
  • Special requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and the restaurant’s discretion.
  • You may stay for up to 5 hours after your reservation time.
  • There is no outside food or drink permitted.

Dining at Cretya Ubud Alas Harum Bali

Cretya Ubud offers a variety of dining options. The best part is that you may enjoy a relaxing casual eating experience while overlooking the unique three-layered infinity pool and a lush rice terrace. From a lavish breakfast to an exceptional dinner, we featured international favorites, from the classic American breakfast to French-inspired dishes and more.

There are four eateries to select from. We’ll go over the specifics here.

1. Bima VIP Lounge:

The lounge overlooks the stunning blue swimming pool encircled by thick tropical vegetation. The ideal spot for a day out, Bima VIP Lounge has a maximum capacity of 5 people.

2. Yudistira Restaurant:

The restaurant is on the first floor. It is directly connected to the main bar.

3. Arjuna Restaurant:

Because it provides more space, it is ideal for family or business events. Arjuna Restaurant is located on the second floor.

4. The Pizza Gate:

A must-visit for pizza lovers! It’s time to relive special memories with your family and friends. One of their best dishes is the signature Neapolitan pizza.

Learn more information about Alas Harum Bali!

Spend a relaxing day at day club Cretya Ubud Alas Harum Bali

Explore the beautiful natural wonder above Ubud’s iconic rice terrace for a remarkable experience. This dayclub ultimately provides a getaway from the crowd by immersing you in nature while sipping cocktails by the pool. The lush greenery and breathtaking views create a tranquil atmosphere ideal for resting and rejuvenation.

You also have various possibilities for a day club. Check out the following list:

1. Cabana Terrace

At Terrace Cabana, let your mind and body embrace luxury and relaxation. This place is an ideal location to take in the vista of palm palms, azure sky, and a crystal-clear three-layered pool. Because the maximum capacity is for two people, you can spend quality time with your loved ones here. The minimum spending is IDR1,500,000.

2. Lantana

Cretya Ubud is centered on Lantana. Ideal for small group meetings while partaking in daily cocktail routines. You and your pals can bring up to eight individuals. To enjoy Lantana, you have to spend a minimum of IDR2,500,000.

3. Hammock

The perfect spot to get lost in the bizarre universe between heaven and earth. It is perched high above the breathtaking Tegallalang rice terrace to give you peace with your loved ones. The maximum occupancy is two persons. The minimum spending is IDR1,500,000.

4. Day Bed

Amid the famed tiered pool, unwind and recharge your body and soul. While relaxing here, you can invite three more pals to join you. Same as Lantana, you have to spend a minimum of IDR2,500,000.

The menu at Cretya Ubud Alas Harum Bali

Cretya Ubud Alas Harum Bali welcomes you with a variety of cuisines. From healthy dishes breakfast menu to international delicacies. 

You can start with an organic green salad. Summer roll wraps with crispy tofu, and creamy yogurt dressing are another healthy choice, as is plant-based pizza. Potato burgers with a handmade bun are also available.

Breakfast at Cretya Ubud may fulfill your taste senses right away. The Big Breaky of eggs, baked beans, sautéed spinach, bacon, and tarragon creamy sauce hummus will fill you up. Do you need any delectable morning dishes? Try their Dragon Power Bowl, made with coconut flakes, chia seeds, bananas, granola, and strawberries.

Salads, snacks, sandwiches, pizzas, and pasta are also available. Try their main course, such as lamb shank, pan-seared fish, or ossobuco milanese. They have a grilled menu, with anything from pork chops to rib eye to barramundi.

Try the special event by Cretya Ubud Alas Harum Bali

Besides a wonderful dining experience, they do offer special events for guests. That is Morning Getaway and Night Retreat. What could you get? Let’s take a look!

1. Morning Getaway

The morning getaway package starts at 7 a.m. The cost of entrance is IDR400,000 per person or IDR750,000 for a couple. You’ll begin your day with their signature floating breakfast. An extensive breakfast, a dragon power bowl, coffee or tea, bread, and a slice of fruit.

Isn’t it fascinating to experience a peaceful moment when you wake up? You’ll eat in their infinity pool while gazing at the beautiful, verdant forest.

2. Night Retreat

Who doesn’t want a unique dinner experience? You could enjoy the night getaway in Cretya Ubud. The retreat begins at 6 PM. and ends at 8 PM. You can pick between two packages, the first of which costs IDR 350,000 per person and the second of which costs IDR 385,000 per person. The distinction is solely on the dinner menu.

The menu for dinner will feature a selection of main courses, desserts, and mocktails if you book for IDR 350,000 per person. The IDR 350,000 dinner includes a main system, desserts, and wine or sparkling rose.

Spending the day at Cretya Ubud Alas Harum Bali is the perfect combination of flavor and ambiance. They are ready to serve you best whether you come with a loved one or a group of pals. It’s time to make your reservation and relax in peace!

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