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Sanur, Bali: Location Guide and 10 Best Things to Do

sanur bali, Sanur, Bali: Location Guide and 10 Best Things to Do

If you want to avoid the busy parts of Bali, consider staying in Sanur. Even if Sanur isn’t as lively as Kuta or Seminyak, there’s still plenty to do. Sanur is vibrant and has everything you might want in Bali.

The nightlife is more relaxed, and throughout the area are numerous bars with live bands. There are several great local restaurants, but fancier restaurants are usually associated with beachfront resorts. If you travel to the north, Sanur also serves as a port for speed boats that depart daily for Lombok and the Nusa Islands.

Many people picked Sanur as their retirement destination for a variety of reasons, and we will tell you why. Here’s the complete Sanur Bali guide.

Where is Sanur? Let’s Track the Location!

Sanur lies in close proximity to Denpasar, Bali’s capital. Sanur is around a 20-minute cab ride from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are numerous taxis all across the island that will gladly transport you to Sanur. As the main Jalan Bypass, Ngurah Rai, forms the western edge of Sanur, this is one of the easier locations in Bali to find.

Sanur is easily accessible from or to several popular Bali destinations. This main route has numerous well-signposted exits into the heart of Sanur. Allow 30 minutes to drive from Kuta or Legian and 45 minutes to drive from Seminyak or Ubud. From Denpasar’s downtown? It only takes 15 minutes.

Sanur is also well connected by shuttle buses and bemos (minivan taxis) from the north and south, as well as the Tegal terminal in Denpasar. Perama operates a Sanur office on Jalan Hang Tuah and provides direct transfers from Candidasa, Kuta, Lovina, Padang Bai, and Ubud. Private shuttle buses run from most of Bali’s major tourist areas to Sanur.

The charming point of Sanur

Sanur is well-known for its soothing vibes and is great for people looking to unwind. If you walk down to the beach, you’ll notice that Sanur’s seas are protected by a lengthy stretch of offshore reefs. It forms huge, warm, shallow, and safe lagoons. Sanur’s water is crystal pure with a safe current, making it ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and a variety of other water activities.

Sanur has a long history as the beginning of Bali’s tourism, and it has held a number of magnificent 4- and 5-star hotels. You can easily find it on this side of the island, as well as an abundance of resorts and spas. Sanur is also home to many popular villa resorts; however, you may locate them on the north side. The majority of lodging along the seaside will be in the midrange to upper price bracket.

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Visitors who want to dive and explore the splendours of the surrounding island of Nusa Lembongan can do so from Sanur. Starting from the harbour to the north of Sanur, you may also visit Nusa Penida and the Gili Islands.

The primary road in Sanur, Jalan Danau Tamblingan, features a lot of vehicle, motorcycle, and bicycle rental businesses. The majority of metered taxis roam the streets in search of clients. Local bemos run up and down both Jalan Danau Tamblingan and Jalan Danau Poso on a regular basis. Sanur is also an excellent walking destination. Distances are short, the streets are peaceful, and there is a beautiful, paved beachside path that spans the entire length of the neighbourhood.

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10 Things to do in Sanur Bali

In Sanur, Bali, there are numerous things to do. The list for your itinerary will be found below. Let’s go check it out and make the most of your time in Sanur!

1. Take a look at the beautiful vista of Sanur’s Underwater

There are numerous diving and snorkelling spots on the island. The rich marine life and robust corals will greet you here. The waves are gentle enough that this is an excellent location for swimming and sandcastle building with children.  

Try the Sea Walker for a unique experience: a safe and exhilarating underwater excursion. Sea Walker is one-of-a-kind diving gear that allows you to observe the underwater world to a depth of 15 feet without requiring certification or having your hair wet. You may really walk down the seafloor rather than swim, and there are various unusual fish and sea life all around you.

2. Surfing

Surfing might get crowded, but the waves are excellent. Away from the main cities, there are some white-sand beaches that are rarely crowded. Surfers will be thrilled to find out that, in the appropriate conditions, the reefs near Sanur create some of the greatest waves in the world, despite the fact that they can be very shallow at low tide. However, there are more consistent surfable waves beyond the reefs.

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3. Culinary journey

Many Sanur families successfully run local warungs selling authentic Balinese cuisine, such as Nasi Campur, Lawar, and Babi Guling. For those who prefer to watch the sunset, the beachside restaurant offers a fancier dining experience.

Try the Sindu Pasar Malam (Night Market) for low-cost meals. The Sindhu Night Market features food stalls that are famous among residents and visitors as one of Bali’s must-do events.

3. Bike ride near the beach

Sanur’s magnificent paved beachfront cycle route spans 5 kilometres north from the Jalan Mertasari region in south Sanur to the major beach at Jalan Hang Tuah. This provides for a beautiful scenic bike ride, especially early in the morning. Imagine riding your bike while taking in the tropical wind. Isn’t it incredible?

4. Have fun with watersports

Kitesurfing and jet skiing are popular water sports in Sanur. For people who are less energetic, a banana boat can be used to deal with the tranquil waters. Play around and enjoy the splash while you let go of your stress. There’s no need to worry about getting hungry because you can finish the fun session and then run inside the beachfront restaurant.

6. Staycation in Sanur

There are plenty of wonderful places to stay in Sanur. There are some stunning beachfront luxury hotels and villas in Sanur that are well worth the extra money. Homestays and guest rooms in this area are usually run by families. The mid-range lodgings, like some of the mid-sized hotels, are largely found north of Sanur along Jl Cemara and Jl Danau Tamblingan.

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7. Spend the day at the beach club

Sanur boasts some new beach clubs as well as some calm bars where you can play pool or listen to live music. There are also a number of karaoke bars along the Ngurah Rai Bypass. Look for ‘family’ karaoke or be prepared to encounter bar girls and ‘hostesses’. Sanur’s nightlife, which closes at midnight, is less wild than that of Kuta and Seminyak.

8. Go to the Kite Festival

Are you ready to be enchanted by Sanur’s beach? You can visit during the Bali Kite Festival, which is usually held in July). When the winds are strong and the skies are clear, Sanur is also known for its kite festival. Many huge, one-of-a-kind kites will be flying from the east in the Padang Galak area.

9. Cultural trip

Sanur is historically one of Bali’s oldest tourist regions and the birthplace of the island’s thriving tourism industry. It drew visitors even before Kuta became popular with surfers and backpackers, and it remains clean, calm, and quiet. Sanur, however, retains strong ties to Balinese traditional culture and is administered by local village organisations.

10. Indulge in a spa session

The tranquil moment in Sanur will be perfect if your body can also relax. Try the spa in Sanur, which is easily accessible from the resort. Allow your body to relax by receiving a Balinese massage. Take a break for refreshments before continuing on with your fun tour in Bali.

Isn’t Sanur ideal for a relaxing vacation in Bali? It’s a popular place to stay and is accessible via another tourist attraction. You may also feel Bali’s buzz here without having to brave the hordes. It’s ideal for a family vacation or a relaxing staycation!

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